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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today I got a chance to see the infamous Prof. Borgstein at work, a man who has lived in Malawi most all of his life, trained in the Netherlands for peds surgery and has been working here ever since. As soon as I walked into theatre 2 (Dr. J works in Th. 1), I could tell the difference.

The place was organized to a maximum degree even if they were lacking some materials and the autoclave may not be up and running today, the scrub tech knew what she was doing, everyone scrubbed properly and the sterile technique was comparable to what I've seen at home. Phew, so really, not all African surgeons cut corners that shouldn't be cut. Actually, it was an American one who did. Prof. was stern but respectful to all, the way a surgeon should be, AND La Boehm played in the background during the first surgery. I may have to discuss with Prof about this drastic difference and whether they keep track of post-op infection rates of their patients.

It was so nice to get a new perspective of the hospital and how it works. I was beginning to get disillusioned and I had only been around for two weeks. I have hope again that we are doing good here and we can make a difference.

The infamous Prof. Borgstein


Theatre 2

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  1. Hi Anna! I've been following your adventures from afar and appreciate the glimpses into your time in Malawi. What an experience! Thanks for posting often.
    Take good care,