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We are two people, one dog and three legs...well technically ten. But this is our story about going through life with some obstacles we have to maneuver and how we go about doing just that! And by the way, our life is fewer obstacles and more awesomeness. Stay tuned for more awesomeness...

Friday, March 23, 2012

So I'm here in Amsterdam! (this is CArl by the way). On my way to meet Annie in Nairobi. And I took her challenge to get out of the airport, get on a train, and find the red light district! Well, she didn't say that last part, but it's where I ended up. I'm not really the right kind of person for that kind of thing. I kept apologizing and looking away when some of the pros started tapping on their preview windows to get my attention. More my speed was the overwhelming amount of bikes there were downtown, the place is overrun! Oh and I thought the pack of German elementary students who'd bought Flarp right before our train ride back to the airport was funny too:)Anyway, one more flight this evening to Nairobi, then a little siesta, then Anna arrives! Can't wait! I think she's gonna love the misery mustache that I grew in her honor (for all 10 minutes that I leave this thing on my face once she sees it)Hope all is well in 'Murca. C

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