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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Full Monty

This weekend turned out to be both fun and productive. Carl spent Friday night and Saturday afternoon at the Ann Arbor District Library where his favorite podcast "Jordan, Jesse, Go!" was being recorded. He also enjoyed the improv class they led on Saturday but realized that dorky guys who listen to podcasts may not be the best candidates for good improv. He definitely enjoyed himself!
While Carl was improv-ing, Anna got some super Sabath at home and even cleaned up that jam stain on the fridge shelf.
When Carl got home we went on an outing around midtown to the cool stores like City Bird and Bureau of Urban Living, we even stopped into People's Records who were celebrating record store day with goodies, keg and listening! On our way around town we saw that The Full Monty was playing at the Bonstelle Theatre and decided it would be fun to go see.
We came back at eight for the show and were met with many groups of silver haired ladies ready for some fun;) Carl's face was visibly red, even in the dark theatre and his nervous laughter and half covering of his face made the performance even funnier.
Sunday we rode bikes to church which was a crazy idea cuz at times on our way home the wind was so strong it felt like we were peddling full speed and standing still. But we were glad to spend Sunday night with Carl's parents in out of the cold, wind and yes snow...can you believe it?
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Location:The Bonstelle Theatre, Detroit

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