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Monday, June 18, 2012

Tourist in Detroit #2

Well, this weekend was another successful Detroit ho-hum good time.  Last week was Carl's and his intern's first week of Motown Mission Experience 2012!  75 youth and counselors came from as far as North Dakota to live and work in Detroit for a week.  They managed to work hard in the Cody/Rouge neighborhood in Detroit and no major mishaps.  Although he did send all of them to the record breaking Tigers game where the Rockies scored 8 runs in the top of the 10th inning.  Seriously Detroit, what is going on?  Didn't we put out a record breaking contract for Prince Fielder?  Where are those results?
Strange sign to have in a Photography Gallery
But while those kids were at the game we had a leisurely evening at the DIA Friday Night Live event.  There was Solanye Caignet y Sergio Medina from Mexico which felt extremely appropriate to be listening to in the Diego Rivera court.  Also there is a fun photography exhibit by Patti Smith right now.
  I can't wait until July 15th when the Picasso and Matisse show opens.  And when we were walking around Carl said aloud "We are members here?"  It is hard to believe especially since he was still wearing his clothes from a long day on the job and I was wearing camouflage shorts.  Maybe next time we will dress the part a little more.  What an amazing place we have right here in Detroit.
Then on Saturday during the day Carl and I diverged, he went to Ohio to see Lakeside and the Ohio Conference's "Youth Annual Conference" of the United Methodist Church and I attended my cousin's graduation party in Vicksburg, MI.
In the evening it was a Detroit sports evening.  We volunteered at the Detroit City Futbal Club game shagging balls, and then Carl and his soccer team Cass Corridor United (CCU) were the half-time show shooting Jorts (jean-shorts) into the stands and waving their "Suck It" flag.  "Suck it" has become CCU's official team motto.  After that we walked across Cass Park to the Masonic Temple where the Detroit Derby Girls Championship was taking place.  And the Detroit Pistoffs took the title for the second year in a row.  After our trip to Portland and visit with their Derby Girl bout we figured we should go see the girls who are featured in the film Whip-It!  What a funny group of folks we have here!  It was a blast.
Cool Venue for a sporting event!
Then for a nightcap we stopped at Motor City Brewing Works, had a pizza and some beer and met a nice woman named Shawn.  She was super fun and also asked us to pray for us because she is still struggling from the loss of her mother.  We could relate to that, and agreed to keep her in our thoughts and prayers.  We also ran into our friend Devin Hanson.  What a fun city to live in.  You get the experiences of a big city (Major league sports, big concert venues, lots of restaurants) but every time you go out you run into someone you know and it feels like a small town.  I love this city.
Sunday for Father's Day we went up to PoHu (Port Huron) for Rev. David Gladstone's last sermon before retirement and then spent the afternoon of father's day at the Henry Ford touring the Titanic Exhibit.  Carl and David perished in the sinking of the ship, but the ladies managed to survive.  "Woman and Children First!"  What a somber exhibit it was.
All in all, it was a productive and eventful weekend!

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  1. You guys are serious tourists! How fun that you got to see your hometown derby girls.