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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jersey Shore: Gladstone Edition

So this week I had the opportunity, well...really it was compulsory to go to Conshohoken (sp?), PA for my step 2 physical exam boards exam. It was really more of a marathon. Seeing 12 "standardized patients" in 6 hours with one thirty minute break and one fifteen minute break. Just another step towards doctorhood. It feels good to have it done with.
While I was there I had the privilege of some free time. So I drove myself all over. The first day I was there I visited Valley Forge, an important part of the revolutionary war...too bad I couldn't stay until Sunday when they had a reenactment scheduled. It is a beautiful National Park and if you are ever near by I highly recommend it. The runners and walkers and bikers were out on the trail, as was a small doe minding her own business.

After my exam I had an extra day to drive to the Jersey shore. I drove to Atlantic City, just to say that I had been there and seen it. I spent all of about five minutes out of my car before I jumped back in and headed down the coast to Cape May. Needless to say, cities that are glorified malls/casinos are not my style...too many people and too much extravagance and apathy.
So I took Ocean St. all the way down to the cape. It was a beautiful drive over bridges and through smaller versions of Atlantic City (with many attractions to boot). And I finally made it to the peaceful and less built up Cape May Point State Park and St. Mary's by the Sea (Summer Convent for St. Joseph Nuns). I read a chapter of my book, called Carl to share the moment and had dinner at the Sunset Grill. I think I will try to go back there sometime.

When I got to the airport in Philadelphia this morning the "Computer system was down" and no one was able to check in. Luckily I had my netbook and phone to upload my boarding pass but that'll teach me to check in at home and print my ticket before getting to the airport! Ahh, it was a hectic trip but I am now super glad to be done with traveling for a little while. Now it is on to studying for the Step 2 written portion of the boards exam, oh yeah and my Peds shelf exam. Why I chose a life of standardized exams I have no idea, but hopefully it will keep me sharp. Peace to all.

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  1. Missed Annie while she was gone, but cool to find a whole new place to visit together soon!