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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lenten Practices

Today after almost three weeks of Lent I have decided to try to join Carl in his mission to do the Not for sale fast--one meal a day. Up until today my practice has been avoiding restaurants which has been a challenge of it's own.
I have been contemplating our consumer society and counting the number of restaurants I pass on my commute to work. I usually lose count around 30 or so, and that isn't even till I get off the freeway. I would guess upwards of fifty fast food, restaurants, coffee and donut shops.
This practice has given me a chance to slow down a bit too. With our rushed culture it helps when you can just grab a quick bite--no prep time and clean up is very simple (throw out the bag). While when you make food at home it's at least a one hour time commitment if you include clean up and prep. It has given me a chance to breath and not think about all the stress of life-- only focusing on the task at hand.
Now that I joined the fast I am sure that time will be even more focused on food and nothing else. It's about noon and my tummy just started to rumble for the first time today. It's amazing how quickly your body sends signals that it needs some nourishment, yet I wonder how many in this country have actually waited till they feel hunger before their next meal?
In a society where diabetes and heart problems, childhood obesity, and metabolic disorder reign it is somewhat refreshing to take a break from food. It helps us to focus on the true savior--Jesus Christ and remember not to put food up as an idol of it's own. He will provide, but that may mean he needs to use our hands and our works to provide nourishment to the hungry and healing to the sick.
Speaking of nourishment, this has been what Carl has been using to get him through the days:

I guess I am not totally away from my consumer lifestyle since upon tasting it I first thought "bleh, strawberry". I should be thankful I get to drink during the day while others are not quenched nor satiated. Thank you God for nourishment and patience.

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