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Saturday, February 23, 2008

See? Turtles!

Well, we had quite a day of snorkeling yesterday and the day before. First we drove around to points like "THE Two Step" and got in the water with our rented snorkel gear. At the first bay the tide was low and we were literally swimming with the turtles. One showed up and Anna and I both floated with it on the swells for a number of minutes. At Two Step, getting its name from the rock formation entry point that has...yep, two steps...into the water, we saw some nice stuff, but knew that we were going to be there the next day also. So we headed over to the ancient Hawaiian settlement of Pu'uhonua o Honaunau and looked at more turtles basking in the sun. It was great!


  1. Just so you know - no one at church is buying the whole "delayed in Hawaii" story at all. Jeff and the Ghana group are not home yet either, we expect them tomorrow night - only a day and half late :( It was funny though, they announced that the Ghana group was delayed due to dust storms and then that you two were "stuck" in Hawaii - everyone chuckled :) Hope you have made the most of your delay!! Looking forward to seeing you guys!

  2. You have been home from Hawaii a long time adn I happen to know there are many new things in your life that are blog worthy.