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Friday, March 30, 2007

Directions to the Wedding!

Directions to Lake Louise Camp, Tennent Chapel
(parking is limited so if you know others staying in the same area or hotel as you, please carpool!)
  • Take I-75 North to Vanderbilt, MI, exit 290.
  • Turn left onto Old 27. Follow for 4 miles.
  • Turn left on Thumb Lake Road. Follow Thumb Lake Rd. for about 6 miles.
  • Pass Magee Rd on right but continue straight (there will be a blue and white sign that says “Camp Lake Louise” directing you to turn right which is not the same camp so don’t be fooled)
  • You will see a large field with basketball courts and a small chapel on your right. Take the first and/or second driveway on the right, park where possible. There will be a large stone sign with the cross and flames that says “Lake Louise Camp.”
  • Here's a google map link for the camp [click here]
Here are a few numbers to call in case you get lost:
  • Niles-Gladstone Cabin (231) 549-2083
  • Lake Louise Camp (231) 549-2728
Hope you don't get lost!
Carl and Anna


  1. Can't wait to come to the wedding! I love you Annie (you'll always be Annie to me) and can't wait to meet Carl. You guys seem great together!

    Love ya,
    Kristin Kocis Molzon,
    1980's Babysitter Extraordinaire

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